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2011 Maya Meetings

Ya ha sido anunciado el Maya meetings del 2011. Que tendrá lugar entre el 23-27 de Marzo del 2011 y el cual llega por título: 2012: Time and Prophecy in the Mesoamerican World. Cuelgo la información que hay hasta el momento.

The Mesoamerica Center of the University of Texas at Austin is very excited to announce the 2011 Maya Meetings. Since 1977, The Maya Meetings at Texas have been at the cutting edge of research into the culture of the ancient Maya of Mexico and Central America. This annual conference draws scholars from a wide spectrum of relevant fields, as well as interested non-professionals, to interact creatively and share the most recent insights on Maya and Mesoamerican research.

The 2011 Maya Meetings will take place at the University of Texas at Austin.

The 2011 Maya Meetings Workshops will be held at the San Jacinto Conference
The 2011 Maya Meeting Symposium will be held at the Blanton Museum

2011 Maya Meetings:

2012: Time and Prophecy in the Mesoamerican World

March 23-25, 2011
Beginner Hieroglyph Workshop, workshop leader Bruce Love
Advanced Hieroglyph Workshop, workshop leader Daniel Law
Popol Vuh and Iconography of Creation Workshop, workshop leader Allen
Maya Calendar Workshop, workshop leader Mark Van Stone
Enrollment is limited to 30 participants per workshop.

March 26-27, 2011
Confirmed Speakers: Alfredo López Austin, Anthony Aveni, John Hoopes,
Leonardo López Luján, Katheryn Reese-Taylor, David Stuart, Karl Taube, and
Barbara Teadlock.

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